What is DTG Printing?


As the name suggests… Printing in full colour directly onto a TShirt / Garment. DTG printing produces a digital print of your artwork through what is essentially a modified version of a traditional inkjet printer.
The big difference between a ‘traditional inkjet printer’ and a ‘DTG printer’ is that the inks are specially adapted for printing onto TShirts. DTG offers more flexibility than screenprinting in terms of colour variation, drop shadows, half tones and has a faster turn-around time. DTG printers can print just about any image and customization is simple. DTG is also a good option for those who are not able to make an up-front investment for a large batch of printed garments as each TShirt may be ordered separately.


What about DTG and shirt quality?


It is best to print on the highest quality TShirts with a high thread count and a fine, dense weave as this will provide a better print surface. One should avoid garments with too much fluff, or pile, because this inhibits the inkjet process. Tiny fibers block some of the sprayed ink from making a solid bond with the shirt and little bits of the image wash away as the fibers wear off. These tiny fibers can also lift up immediately after being printed, exposing areas that did not get full ink absorption. We avoid both problems by using the highest quality TShirts to give our customers quality prints.


Why do I need to pre-treat certain shirts?


Pre-Treating is the process of preparing a garment with a pre-treatment fluid either manually or with an automatic machine. The pre-treatment fluid is the ‘primer’ that will allow the white ink to sit on top of the garment and not soak into the fibers of the shirt. Pre-Treatment also cures the white ink so that the colour ink can be applied onto the white.




• Extensive colour options
• Maximum design detail
• Suitable for small batches
• Minimal upfront investment
• Easily customised design
• Quick turn-around times


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