Front: 50mm from the Top of the Page.  Back: 30mm from the top of the page. 

In Illustrator or Corel Draw open a new document/page and set the page size to: 355,6mm x 406,8mm.
Your page should look as follows:

Placement of the artwork - Where you place the artwork is where it will print. We are able to move the TShirt around on the Platten but the surface must remain smooth and flat so as not to damage our machines (For example: We can’t print over the collar or under the arm).

Save as a RGB profile and not CMYK. Send artwork file together the Shirt Mock-up to  

If you have any questions or are not able to do the artwork yourself please call 011-7947593 or email

White on your computer screen is RGB 255 which is fine when printing/viewing on a white background. When printing onto a dark/colour background the White colour must be set to RGB 254 so the machines know to print with the White Ink.

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